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          Here's How

          We apply scientific and?engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges — starting with yours. Whether we’re focusing on the design, construction and performance of buildings or expanding into new disciplines, we never limit ourselves, applying our expertise to all types of projects across a range of industries.

          Thornton Tomasetti
          Projects 90,000+

          Countries Worked In 150+
          Languages Spoken 50+

          LEED Professionals 200+
          Year Founded 1949

          Offices Worldwide 45+

          What We Do

          Whatever issue you face, we have your solution. We get to the heart of every problem—digging deep to understand its intricacies and nuances, so we can help you achieve your goals, together.

          Laboratory & Research

          With extensive experience in design for everything from life sciences research to materials engineering and astrophysics, our multidisciplinary teams design research facilities that perform.

          Construction Engineering

          Our integrated team approach brings together developers, contractors, designers, fabricators and erectors early on to manage risk, improve schedule and control costs.

          Envelope Renewal

          From hands-on investigation and analysis to repair or restoration for any material or building type, we can help you meet all your building enclosure renewal needs.

          Project Certification

          We are experts in the integrative design process, and we use this skill to help your project achieve the highest green building certification possible given the project budget and goals.?

          Transportation & Infrastructure

          In designing the transportation infrastructure for today’s cities, we consider the larger contexts of security, maintenance, and traveler convenience.

          Our Projects

          We are conquering complex problems - on six continents - and finding better ways to tackle even the most straightforward undertakings.

          Thornton Tomasetti
          ? 2020 Bruce Damonte
          Courtesy Gensler + HDR in association with luis vidal + architects

          Recent News

          Aortic Graft Stent Demonstrator
          August 17, 2022
          With the considerable amount of time, resources and risk involved in performing clinical assessments, the biomedical industry is increasingly looking to innovative methods, such as in-silico trials, as a viable alternative to help meet urgent demand.

          Arecibo Collapse Forensic Report Released
          August 11, 2022
          It took just seconds for the 900-ton instrument platform at the?Arecibo Observatory?in Puerto Rico to come crashing down into the 305-meter-wide dish, destroying the iconic radio telescope.
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