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          Our work balances form, schedule, sustainability, constructability?and budget.

          Pittsburgh International Airport Terminal Modernization in Pennsylvania.

          Courtesy Gensler and Allegheny County Airport Authority

          Arecibo Radio Telescope

          Thornton Tomasetti

          Protecting the Gina Krog Offshore Production Platform

          Thornton Tomasetti

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          Featured Projects

          30 Hudson Yards

          How to build a 101-story, 2.6-million-square-foot office tower, the tallest at Hudson Yards, atop an operational rail yard.

          Battersea Power Station

          ‘Phase 3,’?a key part of the regeneration of the Battersea Power station site in London, is?one of the most exciting and innovative mixed-use neighbourhoods in the world.

          Carbon Capture & Storage
          Carbon Capture & Storage

          Reducing CO2?emissions is a global challenge. Carbon capture can help make the world safer today, tomorrow and beyond.

          Climate Pledge Arena
          Climate Pledge Arena

          From world’s fair pavilion to world-class arena – we provided structural and construction engineering to transform a historic venue into a first-class sports and event facility.

          hobhouse-list (c) Hufton+Crow

          Protecting history, redeveloping on a delicate footprint and setting a new sustainability benchmark. All at once.

          Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

          Combating risk is our specialty. To protect buildings from threats—in this case, hostile vehicles—we develop tailored solutions, informed on investigations of past events.

          Living Heart Project (VHM)

          By advancing testing methods, diagnoses and treatments, our digital models of the human heart can help transform healthcare – and improve patients’ lives.

          navy pier Marco Verch/Flickr
          Navy Pier

          Rebuilding Chicago’s #1 tourist destination wasn’t easy. We pulled back layers of history, went under and over the water, and wove in reinforcements.

          vanderbilt_list Courtesy SL Green
          One Vanderbilt

          How do you construct a supertall building next to one of the world’s busiest transit hubs, and on an accelerated schedule? Start early, and carefully model the entire structure.

          Post-Hurricane Claims Investigations

          Stronger hurricanes are devastating coastal communities. In the aftermath, we act fast and get it done right to help rebuild. For the future, we are working to better protect them.

          St. Nicholas Shrine
          Saint Nicholas National Shrine

          The new?Saint Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center replaces a church destroyed in the?September 11 terrorist attacks.

          Seismic Hazard Mitigation Research

          New technologies to protect buildings and critical infrastructure from seismic hazard may come from a surprising place: advances in metamaterial science, proven in the defense sector.

          Sherman Minton Bridge
          Sherman Minton Bridge

          What if we could have investigated Minnesota’s I-35 Bridge three months before it collapsed? With the Sherman Minton Bridge, we had that chance.

          T-Mobile Arena

          In Las Vegas’?largest arena, excitement can reach epic levels. But as the energy builds, our solutions keep things rock solid.

          The Shed
          The Shed

          How do we make an avant-garde arts center so flexible, it’s future-proof? Make it move, of course!

          via57 Thornton Tomasetti
          VIA 57 West

          Unique buildings need equally unique structures. Our custom solutions deliver them cost-effectively, with built-in efficiency and resilience.

          Wilshire Grand Center

          The tallest building in the Western United States, the 1,100-foot Wilshire Grand redefines the Los Angeles skyline.

          Wimbledon No. 1 Court

          How do you minimize delays on rainy tournament days? With a?retractable roof that opens and closes in 10 minutes.

          All Projects

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