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          Client Solutions


          How do we help our clients realize success? By coupling aviation expertise and technology with creativity to deliver landmark solutions that are efficient and constructable.

          Aviation At-A-Glance
          aviation Daniela Mac Adden photo
          Expected air travelers by 2035 7 billion
          Airports handling 40+ million passengers/year 54
          U.S. Airport Infrastructure Needs by 2023 $128 billion

          The Advanced Project Delivery? method has fashioned the way for the Thornton Tomasetti-LeJeune team on numerous successful large and complex projects. Results have been better coordination and an improved project schedule.
          —  Mike Histon, LeJeune Steel Company

          Here's How

          Creative design is just the beginning. What also sets us apart is our holistic approach. We leverage our complementary services and extensive aviation experience to devise multidisciplinary strategies?for project design. This way of working yields benefits greater than the sums of their parts. Through continuous collaboration with the project team, we develop and apply the latest computational modeling techniques and workflows to speed design thinking and parametric design. This enables us to craft solutions that minimize weight, simplify fabrication and erection, and are purpose-built to address the specific site constraints of each project. We see to every detail to ensure that project delivery is as efficient and elegant as possible while realizing the architectural vision and functional requirements.

          FedEx Airbus A380 Hangar Facility


          With a portfolio of more than 50 major airport projects on four continents, we bring a global perspective to any local challenge. And not just terminals. We also design the support facilities that are essential to the operation of any airport, such as aircraft maintenance hangars, ground equipment maintenance facilities, cargo handling facilities, parking garages, and even police stations and airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF) stations.

          We can help you with a wide range of in-house services and expertise, including:

          Thornton Tomasetti’s preparation of the Tekla connected model shaved at least eight months off the steel fabrication and erection schedule.
          —  Harry Olsen, Vice President, SL Green Realty Corp

          Our Team

          News & Resources

          Thornton Tomasetti, FSD Active Sign Strategic Collaborative Agreement
          June 14, 2022
          The relationship formalizes Thornton Tomasetti’s long-term interest in and support for FSDA’s CALM?FLOOR active mass damping (AMD) technology. CALM?FLOOR is a highly innovative product for controlling building floor vibrations and enabling more sustainable structures.

          Renovated Concourse Opens at Memphis Airport
          February 16, 2022
          The airport's extensive modernization project focused on creating larger energy efficient spaces that enhance the passenger experience and making some necessary seismic upgrades to the 350,000-square-foot facility.
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