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          Client Solutions

          Commercial & Residential

          Resilient residences that redefine a skyline or community. Workplaces designed for agile, fast-paced business. Historic structures that anchor a neighborhood. We support the widest range of commercial and residential properties.

          Commercial & Residential At-A-Glance
          Total Square Footage of Properties Completed 1+ Billion
          First BIM Project 2003
          Continents Where We're Active 5
          Proposed Mars Habitats 1

          Here's How

          No matter the scale, location, age or condition of a structure, we focus on elegant solutions to achieve your project objectives. And our in-house computational skills widen and accelerate the selection of optimal choices.

          Design. Our practiced professionals use in-house design tools to push the limits of architectural expression?while finding the most efficient, cost-effective and constructable structural system. With completed projects around the globe, we’re equally at home with materials, building systems and construction methods ranging from traditional to cutting-edge. And our Advanced Project Delivery? method results in designs that are easier to bid, build, inspect and maintain.

          Investigation. For any building performance issue – from water leaks to energy performance to catastrophic failures – our forensics experts dig deep to find root causes and recommend safe, effective and economical fixes.

          Renewal. More and more, reuse and repurposing are part of the life cycles of many residential and commercial properties. We work with the entire project team to optimize a design that fits the new goals. For historic structures, we restore original features while meeting modern resilience and sustainability goals.

          Shanghai Tower in China. ? Connie Zhou Studio
          230 Park Avenue in New York City. Thornton Tomasetti
          Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia. Thornton Tomasetti
          The Brunel Building in London. Courtesy Derwent
          We've the Zenith in Busan, South Korea. Courtesy Doosan Engineering & Construction
          Alma de Pueblo in Santa Barbara, California. Patrick W. Price, Urban Developments
          Block 164 in Austin, Texas. Courtesy Gensler
          Building 12 at Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey. Thornton Tomasetti
          Davenport House in Oak Park, Illinois. Thornton Tomasetti


          We collaborate closely with teammates – building owners and managers, architects, other engineers, contractors and all subs – from project inception through ribbon-cutting, to help turn their vision into a reality. Here’s how we can help you:

          • Structural exploratory studies and optimization
          • Advanced structural analysis
          • Parametric and generative optimization
          • Master modeler and BIM execution planning
          • Delivery of fully detailed 3D models
          • In-depth analysis of embodied and operational energy
          • Resilience design services
          • Fa?ade design and renewal
          • Building envelope assessment and renewal
          • Construction engineering
          • Field engineering and site representation
          • Protective design and security

          Our Team

          News & Resources

          Thornton Tomasetti, FSD Active Sign Strategic Collaborative Agreement
          June 14, 2022
          The relationship formalizes Thornton Tomasetti’s long-term interest in and support for FSDA’s CALM?FLOOR active mass damping (AMD) technology. CALM?FLOOR is a highly innovative product for controlling building floor vibrations and enabling more sustainable structures.
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