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          Client Solutions

          Construction Engineering

          Our integrated team approach brings together developers, contractors, designers, fabricators and erectors early on to manage risk, improve schedule and control costs.

          Construction Engineering At-A-Glance
          ce_grid_3 Courtesy SL Green
          Construction Engineering Projects 1,000+
          States Worked in 35
          First Connection Design Project (Soldier Field) 2003

          Here's How

          From early site and logistics planning to connection design to erection engineering and Advanced Project DeliveryTM, our multifaceted teams have experience beyond traditional structural engineering. Our deep expertise in both design and construction means that we understand how one affects the other – and, ultimately, this knowledge enables us to approach projects that create smoother, smarter processes to better support you.

          We have a deep understanding of design, construction, sustainability and resilience. This allows us to quickly anticipate the cascade effect of key decisions – and create smarter construction engineering solutions for your project.

          Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle. Thornton Tomasetti
          Epic Deep Space Auditorium in Verona, Wisconsin. Thornton Tomasetti
          30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan. Thornton Tomasetti
          A rendering from Thornton Tomasetti's Tekla Toolbox. Thornton Tomasetti
          Baku Olympic Stadium Tekla model. Thornton Tomasetti
          American Airlines maintenance hangar at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Thornton Tomasetti
          Tekla model of the Cathedral of Hope, Interfaith Peace Chapel, in Dallas. Thornton Tomasetti
          The Mori Hosseini Student Union at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. ? Chad Baumer Photography
          Tekla model of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. Thornton Tomasetti
          Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Robert Creamer photo


          We develop creative engineering solutions that bring value and efficiency to construction. Through our Advanced Project Delivery? service, we incorporate construction modeling and detailing earlier in a project’s life cycle. By focusing on these aspects throughout the initial design process, we can provide more detailed information upfront, which reduces the need for RFIs later on, shortens the overall schedule and reduces the risk of delays down the line.

          Other ways that we can help include:

          • Crane, heavy-lift and erection planning
          • Temporary stability analysis and erection procedures
          • Structural steel connection design
          • Engineering of supportive excavation and bracing
          • Contractor support service engineering
          • On-site representation

          I was at first skeptical when the idea of a third party producing a TEKLA Model to develop the structural steel package for One Vanderbilt, however I took the leap and agreed to allow Thornton Tomasetti develop the model based upon Severud Associates design. I am now totally committed to this delivery method and can give you the highest recommendation by saying we will develop a TEKLA Model for the delivery of the Structural Steel Package on my next project.
          —  Harry J. Olsen, Vice President, SL Green Realty Corp

          News & Resources

          UBS Arena Opens
          November 24, 2021
          A ribbon cutting on November 19 marked the grand opening of UBS Arena?— the new home to National Hockey League’s New York Islanders — in Elmont, New York
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