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          Client Solutions


          Environments that inspire and inform. From kindergarten to post-doc studies, we have the know-how to design, expand, investigate, renew?and protect every kind of facility for educational institutions of every type.

          Education At-a-Glance
          K-12 Projects 1,000+
          Higher Education Projects 1,400+
          Total Square Feet 40+ MILLION
          Countries Where We've Worked 25+

          Here's How

          Classrooms. Dorms. Labs and medical buildings. Libraries. Athletic facilities. Performing arts spaces. Cafeterias. Student activity and meeting areas. A well-rounded education needs all of these. And at Thornton Tomasetti, we have experts in every one.

          One Partner, Many Solutions

          We may be best-known for providing structural engineering for educational facilities, but we offer much more. From fa?ade design to sustainability certification; from investigation and repair of a poorly performing building to implementation of a cutting-edge security plan; from acoustic and vibration control to resilience consulting; from campus master planning to preservation and repurposing of historic structures we can partner with you to shape holistic solutions that support your mission and deliver long-term value.


          Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

          With experience, we’ve gained insight. We know that learning facilities must reflect your institution’s culture, values and vision, yet be functional, flexible and sustainable. And we understand that modest construction budgets and ever-changing teaching practices require economical and nimble design solutions.

          In the quest to get the best value from design and construction, educational institutions have pioneered the use of innovative delivery models. Public-private partnership (P3), fast-track, design-build and Lean Project Delivery (LPD) – we’ve done them all. And we relish the opportunities for team collaboration and design optimization that they foster.

          Optimizing Outcomes

          As your partner, we are involved from the get-go – participating in early conversations and asking the right questions to truly understand your goals. And we work collaboratively with architects, facility managers, user groups and contractors to ensure that the entire team is aligned. By embracing this approach, we can focus on the bigger picture – and move your project forward, not only by recommending the system that’s right for your building, but also by offering a more innovative design that optimizes its functionality, all while reducing costs.

          On Time & on Budget

          At Thornton Tomasetti, we work with you to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget,?in a world where schedules are tight and costs can be limited.

          Our Team

          News & Resources

          Thornton Tomasetti, FSD Active Sign Strategic Collaborative Agreement
          June 14, 2022
          The relationship formalizes Thornton Tomasetti’s long-term interest in and support for FSDA’s CALM?FLOOR active mass damping (AMD) technology. CALM?FLOOR is a highly innovative product for controlling building floor vibrations and enabling more sustainable structures.

          ASU's Rob & Melani Walton Center for Planetary Health Opens
          April 20, 2022
          Arizona State University’s new interdisciplinary science and technology building in Tempe is sustainable through and through. Not only is it seeking LEED Platinum certification, the work being done within its walls focuses on improving the planet.
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