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          Client Solutions


          We apply state-of-the-art science and engineering to solve some of the world’s most complex and challenging issues in the energy industry.

          Energy At-A-Glance
          Energy Projects 2,500+
          Countries Worked In 50+
          First Decarbonization Work 2005

          Here's How

          Thornton Tomasetti provides specialized engineering, safety, security and risk management services to clients around the world. We undertake projects to:

          • Support decarbonization efforts and manage related risks
          • Meet regulatory and legal requirements
          • Manage risks from natural, accidental?and malicious events
          • Manage the integrity of industrial facilities
          • Optimize industrial processes

          We can help you identify and manage risks using a multidisciplinary approach based on systems engineering, probabilistic risk analyses and consequence modeling. We develop and implement the state of the art in science and engineering to address problems of any complexity or scale. We apply advanced analysis techniques to enhance our full range of laboratory and field testing of systems subjected to extreme?destructive loads. We also invest in development of new technological breakthroughs that enable dramatic improvements in energy efficiency.


          With a wide range of staff capabilities and experience in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, nuclear energy and renewables, we can provide clients with solutions for new-build and existing facilities, helping to manage their engineering risks with innovative thinking and problem-solving.

          Count on us for help in these areas and more:

          • Fluid?and solid mechanics
          • Structural analysis
          • Materials engineering
          • Systems engineering
          • Fire and blast modeling
          • Passive fire protection and optimization
          • Industrial resilience

          Our Team

          News & Resources

          Assystem Wins Two Contracts For New STEP Fusion Plant
          November 04, 2021
          Assystem and their partners, Thornton Tomasetti, will work with STEP’s research team to develop software capable of undertaking simulations to help define breeder blanket designs that can produce enough tritium to advance the project to the next phase of simulation and testing, moving us closer to achieving commercially viable fusion energy.
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