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          Client Solutions


          A fa?ade is more than just exterior cladding or an outward-facing wall. It is a first impression – one that can seriously impact the functionality and aesthetic of your building.

          Fa?ades At-A-Glance
          arter_grid Arter in Istanbul, Turkey. Quintin Lake Photography
          facade_grid_2 Willis Tower Repositioning in Chicago. Thornton Tomasetti
          Fa?ade Specialists 60+
          Languages Spoken 10
          Active Fa?ade Projects 100+

          Here's How

          Our people are hands-on. Our people are team players. Our people will get the job done. With one of the largest and most respected fa?ade engineering groups in our industry, we’ll work collaboratively with you throughout the design and construction process to deliver the best solution to any challenge.?

          We're an active member of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology?in the United Kingdom and the Fa?ade Tectonics Institute in the United States, the two most recognized scientific international institutions in the fa?ade engineering industry. And we're one of only two engineering firms that can provide a best-in-class fa?ades consultancy and security consultancy within the same organization.?

          Whether you’re an architect, building owner, contractor or developer, we offer a full range of fa?ade services that span the building life cycle. We’ll take on your toughest design challenges and transform your vision into reality.

          Custom-designed hinge mechanisms convert the 3D movement of a building, subjected to seismic acceleration, to one-dimensional pivoting of the panels. The 26-by-10-foot curved panels are thereby restrained to resist wind loads while allowing the superstructure to move freely.


          Our 60-plus strong team of fa?ade specialists brings decades of experience in providing design, consulting, engineering and construction support to clients around the world. Our team applies expertise in systems and materials to solve complex design challenges, improve constructability, maximize efficiency and increase security.?

          We work collaboratively with teams spanning multiple states and countries to share knowledge and expertise. We work worldwide with high-end design architects for award-winning architecture. And?we are involved at all phases of design and construction, from concept scheme to detailed design, from specification writing and support during procurement to full monitoring services during manufacturing, testing and installation. We know what LEED, BREAM, WELL and other sustainability schemes mean for fa?ades, and we can help you achieve your targets.

          In the technology-driven cladding industry, innovation comes with the territory. Nearly two-thirds of the fa?ades we design and engineer are based on customized systems that involve unique combinations of materials.

          Architectural intent and project-specific objectives, such as targets for thermal or acoustic performance, require novel design solutions. Our technological tools enable?us to deliver high-functioning designs that have been validated by prototype testing. And we’re always developing more ways to innovate.

          We know you have challenges, and we’re here to help you meet them. Our fa?ade engineering services include:?

          • Materials research
          • Specialty analyses
          • Detailed design
          • Engineering and construction support
          • Glass and fa?ade failure investigations
          • Envelope acoustics

          News & Resources

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          February 16, 2022
          The airport's extensive modernization project focused on creating larger energy efficient spaces that enhance the passenger experience and making some necessary seismic upgrades to the 350,000-square-foot facility.
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