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          Client Solutions


          We bring the full force of our distinctive blend of experience, resources and technological innovation – and a deeply collaborative interdisciplinary approach – to every healthcare facility we design.

          Healthcare & Research At-A-Glance
          healthcare_grid_2 John Linden photo
          Projects 1,800+
          Countries Worked In 20
          States Worked In 33
          Total Square Footage 40,000,000+
          The Center for Women's and Children's Heath in Wilmington, Delaware. ? Judy Davis/HDPhoto
          Valley Health Center in San Jose, California. Thornton Tomasetti
          Topping out ceremony at the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital in Tampa. Thornton Tomasetti
          Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago. Thornton Tomasetti
          Texas Health Hospital Frisco and UT Southwestern Medical Center in Texas. ? Tom Harris 2017
          The Center for Care And Discovery at The University of Chicago Medicine Tom Rossiter photo
          NorthBay Medical Center Hospital Expansion in Fairfield, California. Photographs ? 2019, Sasha Moravec
          Warren Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Courtesy HGA Architects and Engineers
          Johns Hopkins Medical Campus Expansion in Baltimore, Maryland. Thornton Tomasetti
          The University of Kansas Hospital Center for Advanced Heart Care. Courtesy RTKL Associates, Inc.
          Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Tower Replacement, in St. Louis, Missouri. Courtesy CannonDesign Ltd.
          Fort Benning Martin Army Community Hospital in Georgia. Thornton Tomasetti
          Torrance Memorial Medical Center in California. Thornton Tomasetti

          Here's How

          Healthcare Expertise

          Industry-leading research and development. Proprietary analysis and production tools. In-depth knowledge of local construction practices and materials preferences. We bring the full force of our distinctive blend of experience, resources and technological innovation – and a deeply collaborative interdisciplinary approach – to every healthcare facility we design.

          Whether it’s an academic medical center, specialty hospital or ambulatory care center, creating healthcare facilities requires highly specialized experience. We’re skilled at balancing the competing demands of these projects. Fine-tuning a structure to optimize patient care, swiftly changing equipment and technologies, regulatory compliance, staff productivity, continuity of operations and the need to expand or modify over time? That’s a challenge we love to tackle, each and every time.

          One Partner, Many Solutions

          When you hire Thornton Tomasetti, we’re not just your consultant, we’re your partner. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders is ingrained in our approach. And we do more than structural engineering. Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to offer a suite of solutions that complement our structural designs.


          Understanding the nuances of a healthcare project, as well as the owners’ needs, is the key to our approach to designing healthcare facilities. Our designs enable flexibility and adaptability, address strict vibration requirements, and accommodate the stringent shielding needs of imaging and radiation equipment. We work collaboratively with design teams to coordinate complex MEP and suspended medical equipment. And after more than 50 years and hundreds of projects, our team of experienced engineers and specialists understand how to design healthcare structures in accordance with complex regulations of healthcare facilities.

          Flexibility and Adaptability

          Healthcare facilities must able to adapt quickly to new technologies and priorities. We’re adept at collaborating with project teams to develop agile, forward-looking designs that can accommodate changing configurations and new equipment. We design facilities that can accommodate a variety of program elements that are often vertically stacked in urban hospitals, such as diagnostic and testing, surgery, imaging, and inpatient floors.

          In-House Vibration & Acoustics Expertise

          The Facility Guidelines Institute’s (FGI) 2018 Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Hospitals expanded its requirements for acoustic, noise and vibration performance. We have an in-house team of specialists who work with the entire design team, including our own structural designers, to deliver facilities that can meet – or exceed, when needed – FGI criteria. In addition to our industry-leading acoustic design tools, we also use advanced modeling to predict vibration, from footfall and other sources, and test how different design options perform. Whether it’s through traditional slab stiffening or by installing a series of tuned mass dampers, we have the analytical and design chops to meet any requirements.

          Holistic Approach for High-Performance Buildings

          Our multidisciplinary expertise goes even farther. Our sustainability consultants; fa?ade engineers; resilience experts; protective design and security professionals; and construction engineering specialists can work together to provide coordinated designs. From energy modeling and embodied carbon reduction to radiation shielding and blast resistance, we offer “one-stop-shopping” for a range of building design and construction needs.

          Innovative Delivery

          In the quest to increase speed to market and get the best value from design and construction, healthcare organizations have been at the forefront of innovative delivery models. Public-private partnership (P3), fast-track, design-build, integrated project delivery (IPD) and Lean project delivery (LPD) – we’ve done them all. Our construction engineering specialists take constructability to another level: delivering early bid packages, 3D models, and shop drawings; detailing connections; and developing erection plans to speed construction and reduce risk and costs.

          Adaptive Reuse

          The need to integrate healthcare infrastructure into communities is driving the conversion of underutilized and vacant retail spaces into clinics and outpatient care facilities. Our multidisciplinary teams can work with you to evaluate the feasibility of repurposing these structures to meet the more rigorous demands of healthcare. We design structural upgrades, improvements in vibration performance, sustainability and resilience upgrades, exterior recladding, and waterproofing improvements.

          Our Team

          News & Resources

          Thornton Tomasetti, FSD Active Sign Strategic Collaborative Agreement
          June 14, 2022
          The relationship formalizes Thornton Tomasetti’s long-term interest in and support for FSDA’s CALM?FLOOR active mass damping (AMD) technology. CALM?FLOOR is a highly innovative product for controlling building floor vibrations and enabling more sustainable structures.
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