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          Client Solutions

          Restoration & Renewal

          We provide a home for solutions to your building challenges. From a focused assessment to a major renovation, we bring the right people to your project.

          Renewal At-A-Glance
          Renewal Employees 120+
          Properties on the U.S. National Register 90,000+
          Tallest Landmark Restored 1,454 ft
          Projects per Year 1,000+

          Here's How

          Our multidisciplinary teams have spent decades helping owners with a wide range of renewal needs – which means we know how to solve your specific problem. Whether we’re restoring landmark buildings or repositioning a property for a new purpose,?developing fa?ade upgrades or building system improvements?investigating the root cause of a structural failure or providing an energy analysis – all of our people, from our structural engineers to our architects to our MEP engineers, have the experience, expertise and tools needed to tackle your challenge, whatever it may be.

          The United States Capitol dome in Washington, D.C. Courtesy Architect of the Capitol
          230 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Thornton Tomasetti
          Structural renewal and historic envelope restoration for the Empire State Building in Manhattan. Courtesy Alexander Severin Architectural Photography
          The Saieh Hall for Economics at the University of Chicago. Thornton Tomasetti
          Albright-Knox Art Gallery Extension in Buffalo, New York. Thornton Tomasetti


          Condition assessments. Investigations. Feasibility studies and peer reviews. Design of repairs, renovations and alterations. Our multidisciplinary team can provide all of these for your renewal or renovation project. We specialize in:

          News & Resources

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