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          Client Solutions


          We collaborate with clients to create high-performance, low-energy facilities and communities that are efficient, comfortable and healthful at every stage of their life cycles.

          Sustainability At-A-Glance
          sustainability Sandy Agrafiotis photo
          sustainability Sandy Agrafiotis photo
          LEED-accredited employees 200+
          CO? saved 9,496 tons
          Sustainable projects 400+

          Here's How

          We believe that achieving optimal sustainability on any project is an act of discovery. We are collaborative engaging all stakeholders in an open exploration. We are deeply analytical – drawing on a wide range of customized and industry-leading tools and techniques. And we are curators – instead of “telling,” we educate the team on key issues so that we can all, collectively, arrive at the right decisions.


          We work with architects, engineers, building owners and managers from project inception through operations to help turn their sustainability vision into a reality. We collaborate on the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings to provide innovative solutions that greatly reduce operational and embodied carbon, and contribute to more resilient buildings while meeting high standards for occupant comfort and health.

          sustainability Zurich American Insurance Company, North American Headquarters ? James Steinkamp Photography

          Here’s how we can help you:

          • Passive House consulting
          • Embodied and operational carbon analysis
          • Design phase parametric daylight and energy analysis
          • Concept to advanced whole building energy modeling
          • Life-cycle assessment
          • Water balancing
          • Materials/Red List research
          • Integrative design process consulting
          • Charrette facilitation
          • Project certification (LBC, Net Positive, LEED, BREEAM, Greenpoint, SITES, Fitwel, Envision)

          News & Resources

          ASU's Rob & Melani Walton Center for Planetary Health Opens
          April 20, 2022
          Arizona State University’s new interdisciplinary science and technology building in Tempe is sustainable through and through. Not only is it seeking LEED Platinum certification, the work being done within its walls focuses on improving the planet.

          Renovated Concourse Opens at Memphis Airport
          February 16, 2022
          The airport's extensive modernization project focused on creating larger energy efficient spaces that enhance the passenger experience and making some necessary seismic upgrades to the 350,000-square-foot facility.
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